About Us

How exactly did this all begin? My name is Donna Bishop, and I live in a small and wonderful community in the foothills of Northern California. While looking for an unique art for my kids to experience, we wandered off the mountain and found a paint your own pottery studio. It was exciting, but a bit too expensive for the 5 of us to paint. Since I had done ceramics in my high school days I still had a few molds and the old kiln out in the barn. I pulled them out and started casting clay and my kids loved it. They shared with their friends, and their friends shared with their friends. Pretty soon my dining room and living room had tables running across them with a group of kids painting pottery. This is where my oldest son made the comment “You’ve always wanted to open a business, so why haven’t you?” And there has been no turning back since then! I started with a few homeschoolers and friends, and word spread fast. Since I cast a great many of the items in the shop, (for my customers to paint), I am able to keep my prices affordable. I wanted to make sure that everyone in the family could create their own special masterpiece while also creating special moments together painting. That was over 10 years ago, and now the next generation is back with their kids and wanting to learn how to make their own pottery. Woo hoo!! It’s exciting when you can share something you love doing, so my goal is to open a functional studio where all can come and learn ceramics from start to finish.